The Employee Engagement Benefit

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The only employee benefit that allows you to give your employees more time in their day.

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We help you build custom plans to meet your needs and goals as an employer. Choose the number of assistant hours available for your team to use each month. 



Our team provides both group and one-on-one on-boarding for your employees.

Each employee gets matched with a personal assistant who will teach them how to best use their assistant to meet their individual needs. 



Support begins with a personal needs assessment for each employee user. 

Help is a click away for your employees with our mobile app. Click. Request. Done. .

You receive monthly usage and 

engagement reporting to understand the true impact of the employee benefit.

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Üdo was founded by a professional, single parent who was busily helping companies find meaningful health and welfare solutions.  Observing the growing need for employer-based work/life balance solutions as talent needs shift, Üdo came to life. Helping successful companies reduce their employees' stress and increase employee productivity, Üdo employer solutions is committed to enhancing your company brand and culture.


At Üdo we believe in community and that everyone needs and deserves help.  As the world becomes more steeped in technology, the way we support each other shifts.  Technology also equalizes access for all to have customized assistance with the everyday tasks in our lives.  As demand for talent evolves and what employees need from their employer changes, Üdo is committed to helping companies meet their talent where they are throughout their employment lifecycle. 


Technology has reached the right crossroads to remove the once prevalent barriers to outsourcing daily tasks resulting in an on-demand 1:1 personal assistant at your finger tips, when and how you need it.  With secure vault technologies, machine learning efficiencies and integrations with other solutions, personal assistant support can be available to anyone when and how they need it.  


The True Benefit

Personal everyday life tasks too often take an employee's attention away from work and frequently cause stress against the work/life pull. Only Üdo enables employees access to on-demand urgent or ongoing support services to relieve that pull. Through the convenience of app or web-based access, your team members can outsource anything from finding a plumber, scheduling family doctor appointments, filling out kids' camp or school forms, planning menus and grocery shopping, vacation planning, to handling emergencies, as they arise.  Our assistants can also provide support with necessary but less productive work tasks such as expense reports or pipeline scheduling. As a result, you’ll see greater employee engagement and utilization of employee benefits than ever before. And the word of mouth you will get as a great place to work is priceless.

Health benefit costs are still rising at two times the rate of wage increases and three times general inflation. 

Employee turnover can cost on average 1.5 - 2.0x the employees annual salary.

Employees who feel supported by their employer in their work/life balance are 21% more productive. 88% state choice in benefits increase their job satisfaction. 



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